Prathiksha Michael

Prathiksha Michael

Chief People Officer

Prathiksha has been one of the founding members of Data Semantics. Her knowledge of the organization and it’s belief system has helped her in building Key People Programmes, that would challenge status quo and bring about change.

Driven by her fundamental belief that passionate people are the primary drivers of business results, she has extensively worked towards turning the organization into a passion hub. This has helped to maximize individual and thereby the collective potential of Data Semantics to deliver distinctive and significant impact.

In a rapidly evolving business context which is a result of changing demographics, rise of digital technology and socially driven employer-employee relationships, what keeps her awake at night as a HR leader is to build disruptive yet viable solutions to the talent challenges that comes to her on day to day basis.

Prathiksha is a good listener and has been the in-house counsellor at Data Semantics. When not solving people problems, Prathiksha loves to get involved in music. She is also a trained Classical Dancer.