Artificial Intelligence

Inculcate your emotions and abilities into your machines to grow your fleet.

Artificial Intelligence is proven to reduce operational costs and execute complex tasks with ease.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing cover next-gen intelligent systems that, learn from past data, analyse existing situations and automate complex process to help you make the right decisions.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

We build smarter systems for your machines to adapt according to your needs, letting you focus on your plan-of-action, rather than your tasks. Achieve an efficient operational flow with our machine learning algorithms.

Image & Video analytics

Track and predict the behaviour of humans, cars or objects from video channels and enhance the experience of your retail customers or predict security threats by reducing dependency on video data operators.

Text & Speech analytics

Retrieve emotions out of text or speech in multiple languages with our intelligent machine learning systems. We have laser-focused solutions to tackle your innovation challenges for building text and voice-based systems.

Why use AI services from Data Semantics?

With the help of Machine Learning enabled technologies like Neural Networks and Deep Learning, the systems we build mimic human thinking to accomplish three enterprise success drivers.

We harness enhanced value from your tech investments

We intend to extract value from existing systems and machines to improve business efficiency at lower operational costs.

We envision and implement a future-ready solution

Our intentions for AI projects are initially to work with clients to execute a long-term solution for a sustainable future.

We deliver seamless user experiences

We build systems to deliver the smoothest user experience to your team and your customers.

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