Business Intelligence & Visualization

Watch your BI reports turn into phenomenal business insights from your voice assistants.

Easy readability is the basic ROI for investments in data generation and data storage.

Power up your management decision making process with our Business Intelligence services and see cumbersome numbers, charts and figures transform into phenomenal insights about your business. Uncover business performance trends and patterns through smarter Business Intelligence systems to make decisions backed by data that is easily readable or audible.

Main Components of Building a BI system

Data Engineering

Our data engineering services help you extract relevant data to gain business insights for better decision making, strategy course correction and unlocking potential opportunities.


Our data visualization service ensures that, your valuable business insights can be understood seamlessly, within seconds of looking at it.


Case Study

Business Analytics

How a global cultural foundation managed their USD 2 million worth spends using our Business Intelligence services

A global Cultural Foundation headquartered in UAE is allocated with financial budgets every year to build and engage their community with diverse cultural activities. 

This global foundation manages upto USD 2 Million as an annual budget which is distributed across various departments of the foundation to build and maintain beautiful theatres, concert halls, exhibition galleries and cutting-edge facilities, to become a world leader for multi-cultural activities.

Why choose us for Business Intelligence and Visualization?

Our Partnerships and Competencies

Tableau and Qlik Sense empowers us to build world class products and deliver state-of-the-art analytics solutions.
Our matured know-how of the industry and functions gives us a competitive advantage.  

Unmatched Domain Experience

At Data Semantics we have cultivated a team of experienced professionals who transform data to actionable insights. Our team has dedicated experts for tackling all classes of data use cases, including industry expertise in multiple sectors. 

We Focus on your Return on Investment (ROI)

Your investments are sensitive to us. We focus on identifying the purpose of your investments in order to ensure maximum ROI for your efforts.

We are Versatile

Data Semantics has delivered customized solutions for hundreds of clients right from developing Business Intelligence roadmaps to overhauling existing ETL, Analytics, and Data Visualization systems.

We are Agile

Our ‘Methodology’ and ‘Governance’ gives muscle to our experience. Rather than offering an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that fits all, we understand your specific business needs and operational setup to tailor the exact BI solution.  Our matured know-how of the industry and functions gives us a competitive advantage.  

Partners and Competencies