Life at Data Semantics

To be a leader requires something more than a commitment, it needs a passion within. Passion which radiates energy, illuminates and exudes warmth. Passion that manifests action, knowledge and empathy. At Data semantics we endeavor to provide a formidable platform for professionals who will be our change agents – catalysts who will be torchbearers of Data semantics fortitude to excel and redefine limits of technology to make our clients successful.

We are DaZManos, Data Hands, and are all about helping our customer’s harnessing the full potential of their data assets

DaZManos is a group of passionate and dedicated data craftsmen working as Engineers, Architects, Analysts, Scientists, Marketers & Administrators. DaZManos take a few moments to celebrate victories and spend more time analyzing actions to drive improvement and innovation. The drive and ingenuity that we thrive upon has been the driving force of Data Semantics. The ability to connect with clients on a global level and at the edge of new and emerging technologies, with such a young team makes DaZManos exceptional.

We understand that it is People that makes us successful and to give back to society in the best possible ways is something the Data semantics always relishes.

We aspire to be a company that Leverages the Power of People, Innovation and Technology.

We call our people the “DazManos”-Spanish simplified for Data Hands. We are all about many hands joining together to bring meaning to any organizations Data.

Data Semantics maintains a Vibrant and Diverse culture. There is open-door policy & key members can be approached at any given point in time. The work life balance at Data Semantics helps individuals to explore their personal passion which makes it easy to mingle with like-minded people from different backgrounds.

Working at Data Semantics is not just about projects and fun, but it’s about bonding with people (both internal & external). We, DazManos, are a close-knit family across the globe