Webinar: Clash of the BI Giants

Webinar: Clash of the BI Giants
April 15, 2019 Data Semantics Staff

Clash of the BI Giants! What is it about?

A lot of business struggle with fetching appropriate business insights, at the right time. Acquiring accurate business insights at the right time is crucial to effective decision-making for function leaders at any organization.

Although there are a lot of Business Intelligence tools out there, the problem with information consumption from the deluge of data is, we don’t get to see what we want to see, at the right time.

‘Clash of the BI Giants’ will give you accurate knowledge of three of the BI giants to help you decide, which BI tool is the best for your business. The speakers will also showcase useful insights about BI tools that could be useful for your job function.

Which Business Intelligence tools give accurate business insights though?

According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence 2019, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Qlik remain the largest leaders for the past decade with respect to “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision”.

Now that we know which BI tools are the best in the market, which one is suitable for you?

This is the exact question Data Semantics intends to answer by conducting this quick lunch-time webinar at 2PM IST on April 26.

Register for the webinar by filling the form and we shall send you the webinar link on your email.

Webinar Speakers

Chief Speaker

Imaduddin Shah
CTO – Data Semantics

Power BI Expert

Justin Joy

Tableau Expert

Nimisha Philip

Qlik Expert


About Data Semantics

Data Semantics is one of the industry leaders in providing Business Intelligence services for the past 7 years. They are official partners of Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, providing BI solutions across all industries in India, UAE, Europe and the USA.


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