TAAT – Tax Analytics

Easy solution to save your time and money for filing taxes in UAE.

Filing taxes is a daunting task for the finance teams of businesses in the UAE after the introduction of VAT. TAAT – Tax Analytics is a helpful tool that, makes filing VAT easier by automatically alerting users about any tax filing errors. 

TAAT is designed to make lives easier for accounting teams and finance managers of all levels. It helps you to seamlessly recognize any human errors in excel sheet.

Benefits of using TAAT

File VAT without errors and save penalties 

Automatically detect any errors in the AR and AP processes by incorporating TAAT in your VAT calculation process.

Achieve smooth workflow to file taxes 

Smoothen the workflow of your finance team by automatically verifying errors instead of human co-ordination via email and excel sheets.

Simplify tax-filing for group of companies 

Save your team from going through the cumbersome process of filing taxes for a group of companies. TAAT understands the tax-filing process by automatically detecting for any anomalies in your Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable data.

We have introduced Data Analytics as a technological approach to solve the problems in day-to-day tax advisory work. Our product uses world class Machine Learning algorithms to check human errors in AR and AP data.

How Does TAAT - Tax Analytics Work?

How does TAAT work? 

TAAT uses a highly advanced Machine Learning algorithm to go through your Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable data and check for any possible errors in entries. 

How to easily fix any errors in your Account Receivables and Accounts Payable while filing VAT in UAE?

1.       Visit the TAAT portal 

2.       Sign in with your login credentials 

3.       Click on Data Upload > Load File from the menu on the left. Once you click on Load File, you will see the Choose File button on the right side. 

4.       Click on the Choose File button in the right window pane and upload your <excel> file. 

5.       Enter the file name  

6.       Select the Template according to the action required 

7.       Click on Submit button. After clicking on the Submit button, you will see the Uploaded Data on the right window pane. 

8.       You will see the Status of your submitted file. 

9.       If the status says, it’s processing, it means that, TAAT is checking for any errors in your file. If the Status says, Successful, it means, there are no errors in your file. If the Status says, ML Exception, it means, there are errors in your file. 

10.   Download the file in case of ML Exception Status. 

11.   You will see the errors in your <excel sheet>.  

12.   Fix the errors and upload the file again.

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