Sujith Varghese

Sujith Varghese

Chief Executive Officer

Sujith Varghese, is the founder and the man behind Data Semantics. It was his vision that has nurtured the organization right from the beginning. His passion for technology and zeal to win despite all odds has been the driving force of Data Semantics. His ability to take risks and go where his heart tells him, is what makes him different and has been a big boon to Data Semantics.

Sujith started his career in sales and has worked with some large organizations in different capacities. He went on to be the Regional Head for Godrej Infotech in Saudi Arabia. He has been profiled in Magazines like CIO Review and Silicon India.

Sujith comes from an Entreprunial background, understanding business at a very young age.  His education in Computer Engineering aided with his years of sales experience has guided the organization from it’s inception.

Apart from his Entreprunial interests, Sujith has a huge collection of books and is an avid reader. His passion for biking and adventure sports, are part of his other interests.

Sujith continues to inspire others to Dream Big. He believes that Data Semantics would be a driving force and a vehicle for change in society